Details of the facilities

Hotel **** laid out in two separate buildings

Two self-contained gyms of 120 and 90 sq m respectively

Holiday apartments

A 365 sq m open-air swimming pool and a children’s swimming pool surrounded by a 3,000 sq m landscaped area

VIP accommodation for managers

A 25 × 8 m indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and an 800 sq m relaxation area

Four natural-lawn football pitches, sizes 115 × 75, 115 × 78 and 120 × 90 m, marked under FIFA regulations

A 2,000-m long pedestrian training circuit

Lawns by the pitches for specific training

A 120 × 100 m multipurpose ground for sand sports

Night floodlighting, stands with a seating capacity of 1,500, area for the media and changing room on football pitch no. 2

Two meeting rooms

Field training gear for football and cricket

Two recreation rooms

Two sports gear warehouses on the spot

A Par 72 golf course with complementary facilities

Six independent changing rooms

Three tennis courts with floodlighting

Two recovery areas with ice pool and sauna

Four paddle tennis courts with floodlighting

Two rooms for massage and medical use